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StemExpress is the ideal partner to accelerate research, clinical trials, and the commercialization of treatments and cures.

Every day, researchers around the world are looking for new treatments and cures for significant diseases. In order to conduct this vital research, they need biospecimens from donors, both healthy and diseased. They use these biospecimens to test applications, discover new drugs, and create new diagnostic and surgical devices.

Having the right high-quality cells is critical to driving research forward. To successfully develop new biological therapeutics for the treatment of disease, researchers need access to a diverse population of donors. They need well-established and consistent protocols for the collection and preparation of human cells, to ensure cell viability and integrity.

With seven nationwide collection centers, the StemExpress donor pool is one of the largest HLA-typed and demographically diverse in the industry, with readily available donors that suit your drug discovery and development criteria.

Quality Products

At StemExpress, we take the necessary steps to ensure regulatory compliance in collecting and producing high-quality leukapheresis products (non-mobilized and mobilized) and primary cells. Each collection and laboratory facility follows a quality system that encompasses Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines, industry best practices, and strict quality assurance (QA) management systems to ensure the delivery of consistent, high-quality products.

End to End Process

We provide an end-to-end service whereby cells are collected, processed, isolated, and cryopreserved or shipped out fresh immediately after collection from one of our Collection Centers. Whether you are requesting tissue or primary cells, fresh or frozen, our staff works with you to schedule a day for a collection that suits your schedule. Additionally, we offer a variety of delivery options, including same day delivery, depending on your location.

Custom Products

We provide fresh and frozen products according to your specifications, whether that be a request for a specific donor demographic or the isolation of a rare immune cell subset. Our priority is to meet your unique needs and goals so that your research moves to the next level, such as transitioning to animal models, designing a proof of concept, or advancing into clinical trials without delay.

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