Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells
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Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs) are isolated from freshly drawn Leukopaks® collected at one of our Stem Cell Collection Centers. Following strict cGMP guidelines, red blood cells and platelets are removed at our on-site FDA-registered cell manufacturing facility, allowing for an enriched PBMC fraction with minimal contaminating cells. Cell attributes, such as viability, purity, and cell count, are checked to meet rigorous standards ensuring high-quality cells before leaving the facility.


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High-Quality PBMCs

peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Figure 1. Representative flow data of the viability and purity of peripheral blood mononuclear cells from a Leukopak® prior to cryopreservation.

  • Low red blood cell, granulocyte, and platelet content
  • Large lots of PBMCs from a single donor
  • Viral testing for HIV, HBV, and HCV
  • ≥95% viability before cryopreservation
  • ≥90% purity before cryopreservation
  • 1x108 and 3x108 vial sizes only
  • In stock, frozen format only


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What Makes Us Different


We are the direct supplier of all the products we carry, from procuring whole tissue to the isolation of primary cells, no middleman involved.

  • Large and assorted selection of products available to cover all aspects of your research
  • Robust and diverse donor pool for effortless selection of the right specimen for your research
  • Recallable and repeat donors for critical longitudinal studies
  • Customizable products that allow flexibility and simplicity in decision making
  • Same day delivery in select cities for quick access to the products you need
  • Streamlined process from collection through delivery to guarantee operational excellence and consistent quality products
  • FDA registered cell manufacturing facility that follows cGMP guidelines to ensure high-quality products
  • Employ FDA compliant data management software (QMS) that ensures traceability and accountability
  • World-class customer service before, during, and after your purchase

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does StemExpress do?
  • Procures healthy and diseased human tissue and blood
  • Isolates human primary cells
  • Processes whole blood/tissue (umbilical cord blood, peripheral blood (healthy and diseased), bone marrow, maternal blood, and mobilized peripheral blood)
  • Cultures selected cell types
  • Conducts immunophenotyping using flow cytometry
How to thaw StemExpress primary cells for optimal viability?

Primary cells are very sensitive to many aspects of the thawing procedure, such as heat, DMSO, agitation, and high centripetal forces. Obtaining high viability after thawing human primary cells can be difficult if not performed quickly and with good laboratory techniques. At StemExpress, our laboratory technicians have years of experience handling and thawing frozen human primary cells and have designed a procedure that will help you obtain the highest viability of your cells. Click Thawing Protocol to access the protocol.

Does StemExpress offer custom or specialty services?

Yes. StemExpress is happy to work with researchers to meet the specific needs of their work.

Where can StemExpress ship products?

All over the world. We have a variety of shipping methods to meet your needs. Please inquire for more information.

How to decide if fresh or frozen primary cells are the right format for my research?

There are many factors that may influence your decision, such as cell type, cell functionality, and logistical and timing flexibility. We hope that the following article provides the information you require to make a decision in choosing fresh or frozen primary cells for your specific research.

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