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Product Description

Human Peripheral Blood Leukopaks® provide an enriched peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) fraction with low granulocytes and red blood cells as compared to buffy coats obtained from density gradient centrifugation of whole blood. This highly enriched PBMC fraction requires minimal downstream processing (i.e. Ficoll, RBC lysis, etc.) and can be used directly for isolating high-yields of immune cells, such as CD4+ T cells, CD8+ T cells, CD19+ B cells, monocytes, and a variety of other immune cells and subsets. This allows researchers greater reproducibility of experiments from a single donor (minimizing donor-to-donor variation), scalability of experiments from a single cell type, and a decrease in same cell variability. Additionally, 200-300mL of plasma can be collected at the time of the donor draw. Up to 12 Leukopak collections can be performed on the same donor in a given year, providing an ample amount of PBMCs for large-scale experiments and research studies.

• Enriched PBMCs
• 0.1-0.2% CD34+ cells
• Low hematocrit
• Low granulocytes

Cells were obtained using Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved consent forms and protocols.

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More Information
Species Human
Disease State Healthy
Cell and Tissue Source Peripheral Blood
Product Type Whole
Cell Type Mononuclear Cells
Donor Attributes HIV-, HepB-, HepC-
Viability ≥90% by Flow Cytometry
Format Fresh
Anticoagulant ACD-A

Product Information Sheet

Certificate of Analysis

Material Safety Data Sheet


Figure 1. Representative flow analysis of a peripheral blood Leukopak after RBC lysis.

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