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Disease State Products

StemExpress is a premier provider of human diseased blood, plasma, serum, and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs). Using our strategically located collection centers and our partnering hospitals, we are able to ensure access to donors and the delivery of fresh products to researchers in need of rare blood samples. Our disease state samples are from donors with various autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, cancers, and other diseases. We provide patient samples that are ideal for research, as well as new product development and validation.

Samples are collected from volunteers participating in Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved donor programs. All collections follow a standardized collection procedure to guarantee consistency from donor to donor, eliminating variability in the collection procedure. In addition, donors may be eligible for recall every 8 weeks (pending the health of the donor), which allows for the study of disease progression within a single donor.


  • Peripheral Blood
  • Maternal Blood (Aneuploidy whole blood only)


  • Whole: Up to 100mls of fresh whole blood collected in 10ml EDTA tubes. Custom collection tube and anticoagulant available.
  • Plasma: Samples are collected in 5ml and 10ml volumes in EDTA tubes. All samples are provided in either fresh or frozen formats.
  • Serum: Samples are collected in 5ml and 10ml volumes in the absence of an anticoagulant. All samples are provided in either fresh or frozen formats.
  • PBMCs: Diseased cells are available in 5x10e6 and 1x10e7 cells/vial in either fresh or frozen formats.


In addition to the products listed, StemExpress can provide fresh and cryopreserved primary cells and blood components from other disease state donors and normal healthy donors. Please contact us for more information.

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