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Peripheral Blood Eosinophils, Frozen

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Product Description
Eosinophils are proinflammatory granulocytes that arise from the bone marrow and spend only a few days in the peripheral blood and tissues. These cells contain numerous granules in their cytoplasm, which contain proteins that contribute to the role of eosinophils in allergic immune responses as well as parasitic infection. Eosinophils can activate T cells directly by serving as antigen-presenting cells (APCs) and indirectly by secreting a variety of cytokines.

Human peripheral blood eosinophils are isolated from whole peripheral blood in a multi-step process. First, whole peripheral blood is treated with HetaSep to deplete red blood cells. Granulocytes are further enriched via density gradient centrifugation and processed to remove remaining red blood cells. Finally, eosinophils are negatively selected by depleting cells expressing CD2, CD3, CD14, CD16, CD19, CD20, CD36, CD56, CD123, and CD235a from the enriched granulocyte population leaving purified, untouched peripheral blood eosinophils. Isolated cells are characterized by flow cytometry before cryopreservation to ensure a highly pure and viable cell population.

Cells were obtained using Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved consent forms and protocols.
More Information
Species Human
Disease State Healthy
Cell and Tissue Source Peripheral Blood
Product Type Primary Cells
Cell Type Granulocytes
Donor Attributes HIV-, HepB-, HepC-
Purity ≥85% by Flow Cytometry
Viability ≥70% by Flow Cytometry
Format Frozen
Contains CryoStor™ CS10 (10% DMSO)
Anticoagulant CP2D

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