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Product Description

Leukopaks® are collected from healthy IRB consented donors, tested negative for HBV, HCV, and HIV, using the Spectra Optia® Apheresis System, where cell-rich mononuclear cells are extracted using a continuous flow system directly into a sterile collection bag containing the anticoagulant ACD-A. Up to 12 Leukopak collections can be performed on the same donor in a given year, providing an ample amount of PBMCs for large-scale experiments and research studies. Additionally, 200-300mL of plasma can be collected at the time of the donor draw. 

The percentage of cells can vary from donor to donor. The following are average cell populations from a Leukopak®:

     • T cells - 55% (range 45-60%) 
     • Monocytes - 27% (range 10-30%)
     • B cells - 9% (5-15%)
     • NK cells - 8% (range 5-10%)
     • CD34+ stem cells - 0.1% (range 0.1-0.5%) 
     • Granulocytes - 2.3% (range 0.6-10%)
     • Hematocrit - 3% (range 2-3.5%)

Cells were obtained using Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved consent forms and protocols.

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More Information
Species Human
Disease State Healthy
Cell and Tissue Source Peripheral Blood
Cell Type Mononuclear Cells
Donor Attributes HIV-, HepB-, HepC-
Viability ≥95% by Flow Cytometry
Format Fresh
Anticoagulant ACD-A
Application Area Research

Product Information Sheet

Certificate of Analysis

Material Safety Data Sheet


  • 1 Abelin et al. (2019) Defining HLA-II Ligand Processing and Binding Rules with Mass Spectrometry Enhances Cancer Epitope Prediction. Immunity 51(4): 766-779. Abstract


Figure 1. Representative flow analysis of a peripheral blood Leukopak® after RBC lysis. 

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