Peripheral Blood

Peripheral Blood

Human Peripheral Blood

Human peripheral blood is one of the most easily accessible sources for obtaining unprocessed tissue and primary cells. At StemExpress’s Stem Cell Collection Centers, normal and diseased unprocessed human peripheral blood products are collected from IRB consented donors and shipped out directly to our customers or quickly processed at our on-site state-of-the-art laboratories to ensure each primary cell type is of the highest quality. Each cell type is characterized by flow cytometry to guarantee our customers receive a pure and viable cell population for their research applications.

Your Cells, Your Way!


    • Extensive donor pool
    • Recallable and repeat donors
    • Diseased donors*
    • Specific donor demographics (age, weight, ethnicity, etc.)
    • Donor lifestyle characteristics (BMI, smoker/non-smoker, etc.)
    • Medical history (allergies, medications, etc.)
    • HLA, RhD, and ABO typing available
    • Additional infectious disease screening (LCMV, etc.)

*Serum, plasma, PBMCs, and whole blood available from diseased donors only.


  • Special processing procedures available
  • Customizable cell isolations and culture
  • Positive and negative cell isolations
  • Multiple cell types from the same donor
  • Custom vialing sizes and cell counts


  • Custom media and buffer
  • Customizable packaging options
  • Cryo shipping available
  • FedEx®, World Courier®, UPS®
  • Same day delivery in select cities
  • Global shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide diseased blood?

Yes, we can source diseased blood upon specific request.

Can an apheresis donor be recalled for my experiments?

Yes, a donor is eligible to donate white blood cells every 4 weeks.

How many cells (PBMCs) can I isolate from a Leukopak®?

Usually around 8x10e9 PBMCs.

Is same day delivery available?

Yes, certain locations can receive same day courier delivery. We can also provide same day air shipments.

What is the maximum volume that can be collected into Vacutainer® tubes?

We can collect up to 250 ml into tubes.

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