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Cord Blood CD34+ Stem/Progenitor Cells, Pooled Donors, Frozen

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Product Description

CD34 is a glycosylated transmembrane protein and represents a well-established marker for human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells in peripheral blood, bone marrow, and cord blood. CD34+ cells are self-renewing, multipotent stem cells that give rise to all blood cells of the immune system through a process called hematopoiesis. As hematopoietic stem cells progress through hematopoiesis they generate the myeloid (monocytes, macrophages, granulocytes, megakaryocytes, dendritic cells, erythrocytes) and lymphoid (T cells, B cells, NK cells) lineages. The highly specialized cells that arise from hematopoietic stem cells work collaboratively in defending the body against infection and disease.

Human cord blood CD34+ stem and progenitor cells are positively selected using immunomagnetic anti-CD34 (clone QBEND10) microbeads from the mononuclear cell fraction. Pooled CD34+ cells are from two or more donors and are available in larger lots. Isolated cells are characterized by flow cytometry prior to cryopreservation to ensure a highly pure and viable cell population.

Cells were obtained using Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved consent forms and protocols.

More Information
Species Human
Disease State Healthy
Cell and Tissue Source Cord Blood
Cell Type Stem/Progenitor Cells
Donor Attributes Inquire
Purity ≥90% by Flow Cytometry
Viability ≥70% by Flow Cytometry
Format Frozen
Contains StemSpan™ and 10% DMSO
Anticoagulant CP2D
Application Area Research

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Certificate of Analysis

Material Safety Data Sheet


  • 1 Sugimura et al. (2019) Angiocrine Factors from HUVECs Amplify Erythroid Cells. bioRxiv 837823; doi: Article



Figure 1. Representative flow data of the CD45 frequency, viability, and purity of enriched CD34+ cells from cord blood prior to cryopreservation.

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