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StemExpress works with Healthcare Partners around the globe to develop and deliver life-saving therapies.

StemExpress Healthcare Partnerships

Our healthcare partners play a critical role in accelerating the cure and prevention of significant medical conditions at life-changing speed. We work with our partners to develop and deliver groundbreaking cellular therapies, support diagnostic testing for COVID-19, and encourage patients to participate in exciting medical research.


Cellular Therapies

Stem cells are isolated at our state-of-the-art labs to support cellular based therapy.

Lab Testing and Diagnostics

We provide high volume, rapid COVID-19 testing for your healthcare facilities.

Umbilical Cord Blood

Multiple trials are investigating the development of cord blood stem cells for cell therapy treatments.

Cancer Research

Providing scientists with cancerous blood and tissue can improve treatment options and save lives.

Maternal Blood

Blood from pregnant women improves Non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) screening.


VP of Corporate Development
StemExpress Foundation

Partner With Us

Nikki Sims is the Vice President of Corporate Affairs at StemExpress. She is the executive responsible for overseeing a wide range of managerial functions, including healthcare partnerships, COVID-19 testing operations, collection center operations, and human resources. She is also the Executive Director of the StemExpress Foundation, developing global partnerships with healthcare organizations to procure tissues that support the biomedical research community, particularly umbilical cord blood and tissues from patients afflicted with rare cancers.

Contact Nikki to find out more about how your facility can help accelerate medical research.
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