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Who We Are

StemExpress is a team of fiercely motivated individuals dedicated to advancing medical research.
An I CAN DO attitude creates our unique and collaborative culture.


We place our common welfare first. We are honest with each other, supporting the company as a whole, and behaving ethically with our customers, vendors, employees, affiliates and the communities in which we do business.


We demonstrate a strong desire to discover and understand, supporting a spirit of inquisitive, open and sincere expression.


We are liable and answerable for our work outcomes, our clients, and other employees and the company as a whole.


We shift and adapt easily to change. We support our clients by being cutting edge not just for a period of time, but all of the time.


We are motivated, persistent and thorough. We stamp our work with personality and excellence.


We demonstrate good judgement/stewardship, responsibility, and problem solving.

Why StemExpress?

We’re passionate about the health of people. We’re dedicated to our mission of accelerating science to help cure significant diseases and we’re also driven to create a workplace environment that supports the general health and wellbeing of our employees.

Our work has a higher purpose. Yours can too.

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StemExcellent Benefits

Our team is our greatest asset; we want you to be happy and healthy.

  • Medical, Dental, Vision
  • FSA
  • Long Term Disability Insurance
  • 401(k) and Contribution Matching
  • Paid Vacation & Sick Leave
  • Dog-Friendly Headquarters

Stemtacular Recognition


Follow us and see how we accelerate research around the world!


Ericca Z:

My favorite thing about StemExpress (aside from our noble mission) is the leadership. Our leads and managers care about employees and are always willing to teach. Each employee is valued by their supervisor and this creates a culture that emphasizes employee development. When I was new, all leads were pivotal in teaching me something new about our company (I’m still learning to this day!). My favorite perk about working in headquarters is working in a dog-friendly office; canine visitors are always welcomed with doggie bones and unlimited pets!

Emma B:

I enjoy working at StemExpress for a multitude of reasons. I truly see the I CAN DO attitude in everyone and the drive is contagious. One thing that really stands out though is how open communication is between all employees. Because I work remotely and am not in the office everyday it can be difficult to remain in close contact with my coworkers. However, at StemExpress I know I can call my team up at any time and they will help me out. Matt does a great job of keeping me in the loop and I know I can always count on the other employees to help me out if I need help (even from the other end of the state or country). Along with this, when I am able to come into the office everyone is so kind and treats me as if I am physically there every day. It’s a very inclusive team and we all want each other to succeed.

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