Collection Centers

StemExpress has a national footprint of our very own Stem Cell Collection Centers. We launched these Collection Centers to better serve our customers with the fresh product they need in a timely fashion, while also increasing the variety of donors we can source. We’re launching even more centers soon. If your organization could benefit from a center in a specific location contact us and let us know.

What sets us apart

StemExpress’ Collection Centers adhere to Good Clinical Practice guidelines with IRB approved informed consents and protocols providing the utmost care for our donors and the highest quality products to our customers. Each Collection Center employs a staff of certified apheresis technicians and licensed medical professional. Donors undergo a thorough review of their historical and current medical history as well as infectious disease screenings by a CLIA-certified laboratory.

Our in-house Collection Centers ensure a smooth process from order to delivery for our clients so that they can focus on their cutting-edge research and they provide a wonderful and relaxed experience for the many donors who support our mission of helping advance biomedical research around the world through their blood donation.

Contact us to learn more about our Collection Centers and find out how close one is to you!

For Blood Donors

Researchers around the world need blood samples to facilitate their work developing new treatment technologies and even cures. To expedite this research, we collect many types of blood samples including healthy blood, maternal blood, umbilical cord blood, and even small samples (only tablespoons) from cancer patients. By providing these blood samples to researchers, we are able to help accelerate the time it takes to complete vital projects. It’s pretty amazing, and you can help!

Learn more about donating blood with StemExpress. If you are impacted by a significant medical condition, learn more about our specialized blood donations.

If you are a Clinic or Hospital interested in partnering with our StemExpress Foundation, please click here.

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