Still need to purchase a StemExpress COVID-19 self-testing kit?

Your first step. Sign up for MyChart

MyChart account activation is required for test processing and communication of results.

MyChart is a free application that offers you a personalized and secure on-line access to portions of your medical record. It enables you to securely manage and receive information regarding your COVID-19 testing appointments and test results.

Step One

Place the vial from your kit - cap off - into the cardboard vial holder, Be sure not to spill the fluid.

Step Two

Your kit includes 2 swabs. One is for a nostril swab, and one is for a cheek swab. Remove the first swab from packaging, Be sure not to touch the felt tip.

Step Three

Hold the swab just below the perforation .

Step Four

Gently insert the entire tip of your first swab into your nostril. Twist the swab back and forth along the sides of your nostril for 10 seconds. Insert the swab, felt tip down, into the fluid-filled vial.

Step Five

Remove the second swab from the packaging, Be sure not to touch the felt tip. Hold the swab just below the perforation. Gently swab the back of your cheek for ten seconds on each side. Insert the swab, felt tip down, into the fluid-filled vial.

Step Six

Hold the vial and swabs securely, then snap the plastic tip of each swab at the perforation.

Step Seven

Replace the cap on the fluid filled vial and screw on tightly.

Step Eight

Insert the vial back into your plastic bio bag and seal, then fill out your collection form with your name, vial number, date, and time of collection.

Step Nine

Place collection form into the outer plastic pocket of the bio bag labeled "paperwork only". Place prepaid FedEx label on the FedEx bag included in your kit. Place bio bag back into the StemExpress self-testing kit box.

Step Ten

Place your box into the provided FedEx bag and drop it off at your local FedEx location. Your MyChart results will arrive in your email once your results are processed.

COVID 19 FedEx Drop Off Self-Testing Kits

Find a FedEx. Ship it Back.

Your self-testing kit comes with a prepaid FedEx priority shipping label and bag.

Please drop your labeled package off at your nearest FedEx location, for priority next day shipping (not a FedEx drop-box).

FedEx Customer Service - 1 (800) 463-3339

COVID Test Results are Posted in MyChart

After our lab has received your completed COVID self-testing kit, we will process your swabs and report our test findings within your MyChart account.

COVID Self-Testing Kit Resources

The self-testing kit guide provides step-by-step instructions accompanied with pictures on how to take the StemExpress COVID self-test.
This step-by-step guide provides you with details on how to activate and navigate through your MyChart account with StemExpress. MyChart is where all communication regarding test activation and test results will take place.
Did your self-testing kit not come with a lab requisition form? Download and print the lab requisition form. Fill out this form and return it with your completed test.
The Collection Form is where you put your vial sticker and return it with your completed test. If you're missing one, please download and print. The Collection Form should be included in your returned test.

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