G-CSF Mobilized Leukopaks


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Human mobilized peripheral blood leukopaks provide a large quantity of mononuclear cells (MNCs) that contains a rich source of hematopoietic stem cells as compared to traditional leukopaks. This allows researchers greater reproducibility of experiments from a single donor (minimize donor-to-donor variation), increase in scalability of experiments from a single product, and a decrease in same cell variability by obtaining high yields of specific cell types.

Mobilized Leukopaks are collected from healthy IRB consented donors that are negative for HIV, HBV and HCV from one of StemExpress’ Stem Cell Collection Centers. Mobilized peripheral blood donors are injected with 10μg/kg/day of Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor (G-CSF), which stimulates the bone marrow to produce hematopoietic stem cells and mobilizes them into the bloodstream, prior to first day of collection. Mobilized mononuclear cells are collected by a trained technician using the Spectra Optia® Apheresis System one and two days post injection. After collection, mobilized leukopaks are checked by flow analysis to verify percentage of granulocytes, mononuclear cells, and cell viability.

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Fresh MLE1031F
1x Collection – Apheresis Day 4
1x Collection – Apheresis Day 5
1x Collection – Apheresis Day 6
2x Collection – Apheresis Day 4 & 5
2x Collection – Apheresis Day 5 & 6
2x Collection – Apheresis Day 6 & 7
Product Specifications
Cell Source:Peripheral Blood
Product Type:Primary Cells
Cell Types:Mononuclear Cells, Lymphocytes, Monocytes, Plasma Cells, Stem/Progenitor Cells, Dendritic Cells
Donor Attributes:HIV-, HepB-, HepC-
Viability:≥90% by Flow Cytometry
Injections:10μg/kg/day of G-CSF


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G-CSF Mobilized Leukopaks

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